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My name is Sarah.

I started making homemade candles in my kitchen during the pandemic in the middle of 2020. A loss of connection between myself, my community and loved ones during this time inspired me to create scents that would help me recreate happy memories in my home spaces as well as cultivate a new kind of happiness I could share with family and friends. 


Sotto is driven by the motto “inspired by what’s underneath,” meaning what lies underneath memories that inspire our happiness. For me, that happiness comes from lakeside vacations, the tranquility of natural spaces and holiday kitchen creations brimming with warm spices and sweet confections.  


I am passionate about helping people refashion their home spaces around scents. I want to help you curate your home with beautiful, comforting, and one of a kind fragrances that are safe and clean burning, knowing these spaces host your most precious memories, old and new. 


Sotto Candle Company creates original and unique scents that capture childhood memories of visited places, food tasted and special moments while also pioneering new and diverse scents that help our customers create an at-home experience that celebrates these past memories and is primed for making new ones  with your family and loved ones.  Sotto Candle Company is passionate about fostering happy, inclusive communities that unite people and compliment our own unique experiences through imaginative and mindfully-crafted candles.  Our hope is that each candle you purchase amplifies your home spaces, whatever they may be and brings you the comfort of memories past and the excitement of memories not yet made!

The Sotto Signature Aesthetic

What inspires us and our scents? Scroll through to discover just some of the people, places, flavors & natural spaces that enliven our creative drive to produce quality candles with the best ingredients. We don't want to create just candles. We want to create experiences and memories with the people we love.

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